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Remarketing to YouTube viewers with AdWords


Remarketing allows you to reach millions of viewers across YouTube and video partner sites based on their past interactions with your videos or YouTube channel. If you’ve linked your YouTube account to your AdWords account already, we’ll create custom ones for you automatically. This audience targeting feature has been customized specifically for YouTube targeting within AdWords for video, and can help you increase your return on investment (ROI), regardless of the focus of your campaigns (brand-oriented, performance-driven, etc.) or your ad formats. You’ll be able to reach viewers who have performed one of the following actions:

  • Interacted with or viewed your YouTube videos.
  • Subscribed to, or unsubscribed from your channel.

The benefits of video remarketing lists

Google works with millions of partner sites, so you can reach potential customers on your remarketing list several times in a month, a week, or even in a single day. Since YouTube is a part of our network, you have the ability to tailor your remarketing to specific actions unique to YouTube engagement. Here are some other benefits:

  • Detailed reporting: Get full visibility into your ad placement and performance, then adjust your campaigns and bids based on results. You can even exclude sites that aren’t right for you.
  • Custom audiences and targeting: You can simply and easily create custom targeting using any combination of your remarketing lists; for example, target users who viewed your movie trailer but have not yet viewed your ad promoting the DVD release. You can also use location targeting to remarket visitors in a given region.

How YouTube remarketing lists work

Create a video remarketing list

Manage video remarketing lists from the Targets tab in AdWords for video

Once your remarketing list has gained interactions from at least 100 viewers, you can add it to a targeting group. Next:

  1. Create a new targeting group or edit an existing targeting group.
  2. To edit from the Targets tab, select Remarketing lists above the table. (If you can’t see this option, click “Show more criteria” above the table.)
  3. Select Add remarketing lists

    Remarketing list

    Remarketing to YouTube viewers with AdWords

  4. Click the [+] next to “Video remarketing list” to see all available lists.
  5. Check the box next to the relevant list, and click Add.
  6. Click Add remarketing lists.


It’s important to be careful using multiple types of targeting. If you use more than one targeting method at a time, we’ll apply them all. For example, if you target a specific keyword, age, and channel, your ads will only be shown when all those methods match your ad at the same time. This can restrict your impressions significantly.

Therefore, we don’t recommend pairing remarketing lists with multiple types of targets, like demographics or interests. We recommend that you target broadly, and opt in to all TrueView video formats.

Targeting a video remarketing list in a standard AdWords campaign

You can add this remarketing list to an ad group with standard text ads or display ads created in display ad builder. These are ads using cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) pricing. To do this, use the Display Network tab in your standard AdWords campaign view to target the remarketing lists you just created. Learn how to manage remarketing lists and targeting for your AdWords for video campaign.

Next steps

  • Use AdWords for video to create a video ad
  • Set up your ad targeting (including remarketing) for AdWords for video


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