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Shane Soapbox- The future will be televised


Looking at the demographic profiles (Pew Internet Study results below) of each of the leading social networks, there are few surprises: Facebook is for everybody, Linkedin skews college educated/high income and Pinterest towards women. So no new news.

We also know that young people have been influenced by the dis-inhibition effect of the internet from an earlier age than previous generations; they are comfortable sharing more of their life with their extended social networks in the form of written narrative, photos and video. The latter, fueled by the rapid evolution of the phone camera, is powering an increasing trend among 18-29′s to film and share original video content.

These are not budding filmmakers but rather amateur content creators who wish to capture and share their life experiences in 3D. Advances in video optimization and share ability portend a future more and more like The Truman Show, with netizens essentially documenting their life as a movie for all to see, in real time.



Demographic portrait of creators and curators and users of various social media services- Pew Internet, Sept 13, 2012

The material that follows in this report is built around a series of tables that give a demographic portrait of creators and curators and users of various social media services.

Creators are younger

Figure 1

Figure 2

The table below covers anyone who said she or he had taken photos and shared them on a website. It is the entire creator cohort.

Figure 3

Curators are more likely to be women and younger adults

Figure 4

Figure 5

The table below covers the whole cohort of those who either curate photos or videos.

Figure 6

Social media activities

Pinterest is dominated by women.

Figure 7

Instagram is more likely to be used by internet users who are young adults.

Figure 8

Younger adults are more likely to use Tumblr.

 Figure 9

In addition to getting first-ever readings on several services that have recently become popular, we also asked questions in this survey about other social networking sites and the data are shown below. As we have often found in the past, younger adults often dominate social networking sites. However, LinkedIn has a somewhat different demographic profile.

Figure 10

 Figure 11

Figure 12



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