Silverpop-​​ USADATA on 3 Tips for Using Data to Increase Relevancy


We all know that relevancy is key in digital marketing. The more timely and relevant a message is to the recipient, the greater the chances are that they’ll open, click and ultimately convert. But sending relevant communication isn’t always easy when we may not know enough about our subscribers. How do we use the data we already have and improve upon it on an ongoing basis to create more appealing communications? Let’s explore three ways we can improve our databases in order to send more impactful communications our subscribers will really value:

1. Appending Relevant Data
As marketers, we’re often torn between building a large database with less information about our subscribers, and a smaller but more concise database filled with rich information. It’s wonderful to increase the number of subscribers since every opted-​​in email address is extremely valuable to any company. The downside to easy opt-​​in forms, however, is the lack of information necessary to develop a comprehensive email strategy. So how do we get the best of both worlds?

Consider appending data to your current subscriber list. There are hundreds of categories available to append, from physical addresses and basic demographics, to psychographic information such as shopping behavior, hobbies and interests. Did you know you may append data in real time to new prospects who complete forms on your site with just an email address? This information will help fill in gaps present in your database, or allow you to add entirely new fields of valuable information. It provides added insight into who your subscribers or prospects are, positions you to develop a more sophisticated email strategy, and is the foundation for sending more relevant and engaging communications.

2. Applying Your Data
How do we apply the existing data points we have and the new data that we’ve appended to our subscribers to generate more powerful emails? There are several effective strategies available when you have the data to support them, the two most popular being:

  • Personalization: Getting personal goes way beyond simply addressing someone by their first name. Adding elements within the subject line or email body that are pertinent to the individual, such as their location (city, town, metro area) or other piece of information you know about them (“Attention Dog Owners!”) will grab your readers’ attention. Use lifecycle events to address new demands your customers or prospects may have (“Welcome to the Neighborhood – Get 20% Off New Blinds”)
  • Dynamic Content: Based on past purchases, likes or dislikes, or other information/​behaviors, you can populate images and text that are dynamic and speak to that individual. Show a boat for subscribers interested in water sports — it will resonate better with them.

3. Finding Lookalike Subscribers
The most efficient way to locate potential new subscribers is by analyzing your best customers and learning the key characteristics they have in common, so you can find more like them. Data facilitates your ability to create a customer profile and predictive model so you can pinpoint new lookalike prospects.

With this insight you may develop an ongoing acquisition campaign to drive targeted, new traffic to your site and accelerate your conversion funnels. Turn new prospects into subscribers or customers with tactics such as an entry pop-​​up or a contest/​giveaway that’s linked to your social media communications.

There’s no better time to get started then now, with the holiday season fast approaching. Stand out from the crowd with more relevant communications, keeping your database fresh, up to date and chock full of information that will help you better understand your customers and keep them actively engaged in your brand. The value of email subscribers is high for marketers and even more valuable when you’re successfully able to incorporate the power of data.



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