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Fubar Peking


Fubar won best bar/club in Beijing along with most all other related awards in 2009. It shifted the paradigm in the city, no counterfeit drinks or tacky tunes. It was built by a guy called Chad Lager, yes that’s his real name, I think he looks like Friar Tuck but then I never had the guts to tell him- it was under the gated Workers Stadium in an old abandoned basement store far away from the foreigner bar district.

The opening night was up and down, which was to be expected given there was not only no signage out front, there was a hotdog takeaway at the entrance and to enter Fubar you had to descend some dimly lit stairs and find the hidden sliding door. Eventually things picked up and went from there. I was the DJ  every Friday and Saturday night for the first year. I brought in my turntables and an old mixer which we hooked up to a janky speaker system that blew up at 12.05AM on NYE 2010.

Eventually the system was upgraded, CD players were found and I carted my 1200′s back home. The 4 recordings below are from one night when I brought my laptop in- the sound quality isn’t special and there’s a few tunes from multiple eras, including One Night in Bangkok by Murray Head.  I mention this because poor Murray, wherever he is, wont be seeing a whole lot of residuals outside of Thai karaokes bars- thing is Bejiing sounds a bit like Bangkok after a few whiskey sours and so it is somewhat of a de facto anthem in Beijing. OK, we good? Its not like there’s a Shakatak megamix to plough through God forbid  Air Supply. SC

Part 1

Live @ Fubar May 29 by Netizenshane on Mixcloud

Part 2

Part 2 Live @ Fubar May 29 by Netizenshane on Mixcloud

Part 3

Part 3 Live @ Fubar May 29 by Netizenshane on Mixcloud

Part 4

Part 4 Live @ Fubar May 29 by Netizenshane on Mixcloud

Bonus- Hair Band Special (just because)

Live @ Fubar June 26th 80's Gitar Special by Netizenshane on Mixcloud



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