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Mixtape: 87-91 The Early Years


The origins of electronic music began in the early 1980′s Chicago- drawing on disco, funk and hip hop as a reference it was a music style encouraged by synthesizer and drum machine innovations. The term ‘house music’ is credited to The Warehouse Club and its DJ Frankie Knuckles. While the music with its 4/4 beat and distinctive kick drum, originated in the US, it was the UK that embraced the sound and pushed into the mainstream with the opening of the Ministry of Sound in London in 1991.The faster speed of house has been more agreeable to Europeans than America, where Hip Hop has prevailed on the dancefloor. Having DJ’ed in both countries, the slower Hip Hop (70-90 BPM’s) was easier to ‘bump and grind’ to while the faster house music (120-135 BPM) resonated everywhere else. Putting on any of the tunes on this mix prior to 2010 in the US would clear the dance floor and lead to an avalanche of angry complaints.

House Music: The Early Years 1987-1991 by Netizenshane on Mixcloud


Winter In July   Bomb The Bass
Hallelujah   Happy Mondays
Paid In Full   Eric B & Rakim
Beat Dis   Bomb The Bass
Pump Up The Volume   MARRS
Welcome   Gino Latino
Hello   Beloved
Voodoo Ray   Guy Called Gerald
Kid Get Hyped   Deskee
BIg Fun   Inner City
Dirty Cash   Stevie V
The Party   Kraze
Give You   DJaimin
Trance Dance   DMOB
Theme from S Express   S-Express
Move Any Mountain   Shamen
Ride On Time   Black Box
I Cant Dance To That   Betty Boo
Rock The House   Beatmasters
Wiggle It   2 In a Room
Stand Up For Your Love Rights   Yazz
What Time is Love   KLF
Pump Up The Jam   Technotronic
House Music Eddie   Amador
Good Life   Inner City
Can You Feel   CLS
Doctorin the Tardis   KLF
Move Your Body   Expansions
Temple Of Dreams   Messiah
Oh Yeah   Yello
Far Out   Sonz of a LoopDa Loop Groove



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